Hi all!  It’s been awfully quiet here lately.  I hope everyone is doing well!  I’ve done great with the holidays and feel like I have a handle on this.

Current weight: 136 

Goal weight: 135

Starting weight: 210

I bought a size 4 pair of jeans today.  I could just die!

Seriously, ladies, I hope you had a wonderful holiday and wish you a Happy New Year!  I look forward to NOT having weight loss as a goal for 2013 – I will just be maintaining.




Check In: Eliza

So, my weight has been fluctuating from 159-164 for the past three weeks.

It is SO FRUSTRATING to see the beautiful 5 in the number for a day, and then see that I’ve gone back up to 163 the next day. I’m really wondering why. I have been running 4-5 mornings per week and eating about 1500 calories per day routinely since the beginning of September. So why this fluctuation without loss?

A lot of people have talked about the weight loss plateau. Our bodies become used to our newly formed healthy habits and just adjust to a maintenance weight. I’ve read several “solutions”: cut out carbs for a week, add a spike day of 2,000-2,200 calories to jump start my metabolism, go on a fruit and vegetable cleanse, eat “clean” for two weeks, etc. None of those really sound that useful or doable for my lifestyle. Cut out carbs? Not for me. Eat 2,200 calories one day per week? Yeah right, I will remember how DELICIOUS that is and never go back to 1,500. Fruits and veggies only? I need protein. And who even really knows what “clean” eating is anyway?

Here’s my plan: to continue what I’m doing. I’m going to keep running every morning because that is an exercise that fits into my lifestyle and schedule without causing extra stress, dread, or inconvenience. I’m going to keep eating about 1,500 calories per day because that is a number that works for me – I feel neither hungry nor stuffed at the end of the day. I’m going to look more critically at how I “spend” those calories though and make sure I’m using those calories on healthy foods. But beyond that, I’m not going to worry about it.

It might be a plateau. It might be the weight that my body wants right now. It might be a PCOS struggle. Who knows. What I do know is that my habits are a whole lot healthier these days, so I’m going to stick with them, regardless of the number on the scale. That is sure to pay off in some way.

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Hi, ladies!  It’s been a while but all is going really well:

Starting weight: 210

Current weight: 150

Goal weight: 145 (will change to 135 when I meet my original goal)

I am wearing a size 10 now, which blows my mind!  I skipped the 12s all together and hung on to my 14s way too long.  I picture settling into a size 8 when this is all said and done.  I haven’t been an 8 since junior high.  I honestly love the way I look and feel right now!  I turned 40 this year, smoked heavily, and hated the way I looked and felt.  I was so unhealthy.  Some switch finally flipped in my head and I have done a complete 180.  I put down the cigarettes on Easter, and seriously started my health and fitness routine on May 11th (the last day I weighed 210).

I scheduled a full physical last month to check EVERYTHING.  I have been borderline high blood pressure and cholesterol forever, and it was only a matter of time before I went on medication.  My numbers this time were perfect and my doctor was thrilled.  This is my victory: my health.  I feel better than I ever have as an adult.

My husband has lost 35 pounds and has only five more to meet his goal.  My mother-in-law and one of my sisters-in-law have started weight loss programs and have told me I am their inspiration.  A lady at work who I gave all my size 14 work clothes to has started working out because of my weight loss.  I love it!  I think if you see someone who has had success it’s easier to picture yourself doing it.  It’s real-life and not just pictures in some magazine.  I’ve had a couple of people ask me my secret and then look so disappointed when I tell them it’s exercise and calorie counting.  I think they would prefer that I say there is some magic pill I’ve discovered.  This has been hard work, and I have earned the body and health I have today.  I am extremely proud of myself and am excited for the future for the first time in a long time.  Life is no longer just passing me by, I am actively participating in it!


New Activity!

So, I have a new exercise to throw into the mix…horseback riding! I used to ride when I was younger, and I LOVED it. A friend just got a horse and needs help riding her, so I volunteered. It’ll be tough to find time, but when I do, I’m sure I’ll love it. I used to ride all the time and it never felt like work the way that going to the gym and lifting weights does.

Hooray for FUN exercise!
Here’s hoping that riding will help firm up these jiggly thighs of mine…

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Goals & Check In: Eliza

Today’s weight: 161
Goal for Next Sunday: 160
Goal for October 1st: Into the 150’s!

Healthy dinners! It has gotten A LOT easier for me to eat healthfully for breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the day, largely thanks to Leslie’s previous suggestions for quick and easy meals. However, when I get home from a long day, I’m always so tired and lazy that it has become habit to throw some frozen food in the microwave or get cheap take-out. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! For one thing, I can’t afford it, and for another thing, it’s unhealthy and always makes me feel worse. The best way to take care of myself after a long day is to eat a dinner with fresh, healthy ingredients.

To that end, my partner and I made a gigantic batch of delicious vegetable soup this weekend that we are freezing. It will only take a few minutes to defrost and cook for healthy dinners after work. A big bowl of soup coupled with Leslie’s suggestion to get pre-made salad bags will be a quick and easy dinner.

Non-Scale Victory of the Week:
I had to hold up my size 10 jeans as I ran for the bus!

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Interesting Blog Post

I thought this had some good information for reinforcing why we are doing this. I feel like I am finally intrinsically motivated, and that is why it is going to stick this time!,,20629293,00.html

Oh, by the way . . . who put on a pair of size 12’s today that zipped and buttoned with ease? I DID!!!!

Ok – I have no idea how to add the link; I guess you’ll have to copy and paste it. Crap.

Checking In – Sylvie

Previous weight: 172
Current weight: 166
Goal weight: 145 (but probably changing to 135)

I can hardly believe I’m in the 160’s! I am very happy. I started going to spin class last week – two nights a week, and I freakin’ love it! In addition to my two regular walks each day, I am also working out in the gym five days a week.

I hit my first stumbling block this week, though. I have really increased my workouts without increasing my calories. My body finally told me about last Thursday and I had to take two days off to recover. I’m back to my exercise routine again, but I’ve also increased my calories so I’m feeling really strong. I can be really committed to a routine and I have been a diligent calorie counter. I’m going to be more mindful of listening to what my body is telling me.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Start weight: 187
Current weight: 165
Revised goal for Jan 1, 2013: 150

My goals for this week:
exercise every day (Monday-Saturday)
healthy dinners

Last week one of my dearest friends completed suicide, so my week was a bit wonky. I didn’t exercise much, but I didn’t eat any fast food, and that felt great. My stomach has been in knots since finding out about my friend on Tuesday, which has meant a much smaller appetite. The only perk of that has been remembering how great it feels when my pants are just a tiny bit looser. I’m hoping to feel better and to get back into a healthy pattern while remaining motivated by my slightly looser pants.

Happy Monday, everyone! What are you all working on this week?

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More good news!

Ladies, we are on a ROLL this week! Between Sylvie donating her now-too-big clothes to Goodwill and Leslie being TWO FREAKING POUNDS away from her goal (about four months early, I might add), we are on fire!

I have much smaller news to share, but good news none the less. My goal for this week was to exercise every morning and to avoid donuts. Well, friends, I did both of those things! Making small, manageable, very short term goals was really helpful. I’m going to continue that.

Two goals for next week:
– exercise every morning before school/work
– no pizza for dinner

What goals are you working towards, team fitties?


Goodwill Time – Round One!

I did my first closet clean-out yesterday!  I filled three big boxes for Goodwill.  Ciao ciao size 16’s!   Mr. Bell Jar asked if this meant he could have some more closet space.  HAHAHAHA!  He’s so cute.  You’re next 14’s . . .